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VR |
movies will be screened in the VR-area (lounge area) of the cinema. 16+ Rating.

Ukraine, 2017, documentary, dir. Igor Strembitskyy, 12 min. 47 s.

Raw embrace of Ukrainian nature and timelessness in the lives of modern carpathian shepherds. Deep and sensitive portraits of men, who exemplify the ancient connection of humakind to the planet, their daily routine and hard work.
Germany, 2019, documentary, animation, dir. Jörg Courtial, Maria Courtial, 14 min.
1st Step is at once both a VR documentary and a fairy tale, telling the magical story of a dream come true: the Apollo missions.
11.11.18 VR EXPERIENCE / VR Cinema
Belgium, France, 2018, historical, thriller, dir. Django Schrevens, Sébastien Tixador, 12 min.
11 November 1918, a few minutes preceding the suspension of fighting, you embody a corporal who has to face a series of decisions.
3D |
16+ Rating.
Mad Mieter / 3D Cinema
German, 2021, drama, dir. Marc Weis, Martin De Mattia, 6 min. 08 sec.
The protagonist is a praying mantis who lives completely isolated in a bourgeois rental apartment. After an unannounced visit, it comes to a cruel end.
VEUF / 3D Cinema
France, 2020, drama, horror, dir. Florian Massoulle, 7 min. 21 sec.
After a romantic evening, Marc brings Amandine home for a nightcap. She learns a little more about Marc's past, she discovers his passion for sport and also the portrait of his late wife Jeanne. Marc does not fail to specify that the latter was very jealous. The young couple, carried away by passion, will quickly continue the evening in the bedroom.
JEANNE /3D Cinema
France, 2021, drama, dir. Fabien Remblier, 28 min. 33 sec.
When he disembarks illegally at night on a French beach after several attempts to cross it, Abdel knows that he can only rely on himself. He has to be discreet and not stay grouped on the beach with his companions of misfortune.
During the night, he quickly moves away before the gendarmes arrive and takes refuge in a garden. The house seems deserted. He is woken up by a woman who threatens him with a gun, Jeanne. She is going to injure herself while trying to chase the intruder away. Abdel is faced with a choice that will turn his life upside down: leave Jeanne on the ground, steal as much money as possible from her and run away, or stay put and help her.

Deep dive / 3D Cinema
Poland, 2020, drama, dir. Milosz Hermanowicz, 17 min. 20 sec.
Deep Dive is an intimate fictional experience which is set on the wild bank of a river where Magda, a young woman, is wandering around anxiously. An unexpected phone call from her little daughter seeking help gives her a goal. Magda now desperately wants to be reunited with her child. But the river is impossible to cross. In a moment of helplessness, an unlikely encounter takes place. Magda’s mother comes to her. Magda regains hope and leads their journey through the uncanny thickets and gloomy trees in a search of a way through the river. The mother, enigmatically, keeps observing Magda without helping her. The only way back lies in their past and leads Magda to a confrontation with her deepest fears and regrets.
Mobile |
18+ Rating.
Cold Wave / Mobile Cinema

Canada, 2019, documentary, dir. Matt Allen, 2 min. 54 s.

“Cold Wave” is a short film documenting the experience of surfing the icy cold water of the Kananaskis River in Alberta, Canada. Film maker and river surfer Matt Allen takes us into the mountains and brings us onboard for a wild ride that’s sure to take your breath away.
THE GATHERING / Mobile Cinema

Philippines, 2018, thriller, dir. Arvin Belarmino, 13 min. 42 s.

Three individuals co-exist in a house wherein every minute they spend, determines their own destiny. This film is shot on a single-take with a smartphone camera.
From within / Mobile Cinema
Germany, 2020, promotional film, dir. Boris and Sandro Erceg, 1 min. 8 s.
The film deals with the noise a person experiences in all aspects of everyday life, and the consequent lack of focus to figure out what’s really important – what really drives her/him, what are her/his desires.
Phase Unit / Mobile Cinema
Canada, 2019, sci-fi, dir. Martin Reisch & Sean Sweeney, 2 min. 55 s.
Based on a map that has been haunting his dreams, a man delves deep underground in pursuit of a mysterious signal.
Alone / Mobile Cinema
Switzerland, 2021, post-apocalypse film, dir. Raphael Isler, 2 min. 59 s.
After the outbreak of a deadly virus, a young woman hides in her bunker. After months she ventures back into the daylight and finds that she is the only survivor. A short film with an unexpected ending.
Hobbie / Mobile Cinema
USA, 2021, narrative, comedy, dir.Colin Read, 4 min. 15 s.
A short film about the new hobbies we started while in lockdown, in a search for fulfillment…and their failures.
War is not a game / Mobile Cinema
Russia, 2020, drama, dir. Artur Miheev, 1 min. 36 s.
Film about why war should not be celebrated by children.
THE BAHAMAS / Mobile Cinema
Spain, 2021, comedy, sci-fi, dir. Max Deniam, 17 min. 48 s.
The residents of an Extremaduran town decide to carry out a crowfunding to finish paying for the municipal swimming pool, since the city council is without funds. However, one of her neighbors has an alternative plan for the money raised.
Kuka kuke kuuuu Yacaleke, Uka keke.
Welcome to this adventure!

Submerged / Mobile Cinema
France, 2019, drama, dir. Tom F. Pardo, 4 min. 44 s.
Submerged by the noise of the city, a young woman finds refuge into a world of silence.
16+ Rating.
The Seahorse trainer / VFX Cinema
Canada, 2019, fantasy/fiction, dir. Ricardo Bonisoli, Babak Bina, 12 min.
A lonely old man with an obsession for training seahorses tries to achieve an unimaginable trick when his past comes back to haunt him.
Wrapped / VFX Cinema
Germany, 2014, dir. Roman Kaelin, Falko Paeper, Florian Wittmann; 4 min.
A city gets taken over by vegetation in this VFX-driven post-apocalyptic tale from three Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg students.
The Seeker / VFX Cinema
United Kingdom, 2020, Sci-Fi, Action, Animation, dir. Rassoul Edji, 1 min. 46 sec.
A giant killer robot pursues an innocent victim in a suburban English town.
4 AMP / VFX Cinema
Canada, 2013, Sci-Fi, dir. Adam Marisett, 8 min. 12 sec.
When an old childhood friend tracks him down, Quinn is confronted with the dilemma of choosing to remain idle in a city run by the corrupt Coreley Corporation or finally finish the war he never wanted to be a part of. A viral prelude to a planned TV series.
This time away / VFX Cinema
United Kingdom, 2019, Drama, Sci-Fi, dir. Magali Barbe, 13 min. 24 sec.
Nigel is an elderly man living as a recluse, haunted by his past and memory of the family he once had...until an unexpected visitor arrives and disrupts his lonely routine.
Shell Project / VFX Cinema
Spain, 2012, Sci-Fi, dir. Alejandro Jimenez, Fatima De Los Santos, Bernardo Gonzalez, 3 min. 59 sec.
Year 2086. Kate Sorin never imagined how volunteering herself as "base citizen" for Project Shell would determine her fate. The Western Confederation claimed that the creation of the cyber-clones would be the bridge to a free and equal society, without thinking that their human nature would fight against the role they were created for: to be slaves.
Dragon’s scale / VFX Cinema
New Zealand, 2016, adventure, fantasy, dir. James Cunningham, 10 min. 20 sec.
In an ancient world a warrior and his son are on a quest to fix the son’s voice but the forest conspires to stop the father. The boy decides to go on alone to face the unknown creatures that await. On his journey he discovers his own inner strength and convinces his father to accept him as he is.
Prickly Jam / VFX Cinema
New Zealand, 2021, comedy, dir. James Cunningham, 6 min.
As a hedgehog scrounges a polluted city for a meal she finds an amorous cricket looking for lady cricket. An end of days animated comedy about what we do to survive.
Killing The Parson Bird /
New Zealand, 2021, drama, fantasy, dir. Peter McCulley, 11 min. 45 sec.
In 1769 a landing party from Captain Cook’s ship HMB Endeavour led by Joseph Banks enter the native forest of New Zealand in search of specimens of the Parson Bird (Tui).
Two men, Marine Samuel Blakely and Midshipman Daniel Whitby set off on their own to kill some birds but their efforts are thwarted by mysterious forces that both protect the birds and lure the men to a fateful encounter.

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